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Terremoto y tsunami – Earthquake & tsunami – Concepción, Chile 2010 – Diego Morales Aguilera

My name is Diego. I´m 23 years old I live in Concepción the second largest city of Chile. It all began the night of Saturday, 27 February at 3.35am…I was sleeping when suddenly I awoke from violent movements. I was so frightened that my nose spontaneously started to bleed and continued to for a long while. I was trying to run out of the building but the earth did not let me. I lost everything inside my flat, but I’m so lucky to be alive… 800 people died in my country and more then 1500 lost their houses. The earthquake was 8.8 degrees on the Richter. We’ve been knocked down, but we are strong, we are trying to get up as fast as we can…

Here are some images Diego posted on his Facebook page of the aftermath. These images of the destruction in his home town were shot on Monday, March 1st with a Handy Cam:

There are no hazard signs for dangers in the road © Diego Morales Aguilera

© Diego Morales Aguilera

Footwear Repairs © Diego Morales Aguilera

Effects of the tsunami © Diego Morales Aguilera

Resignation © Diego Morales Aguilera

© Diego Morales Aguilera

The military arrives behind schedule © Diego Morales Aguilera

© Diego Morales Aguilera

Diego calls this the ICONIC image of the Chilean Earthquake © EMOL dot com

We are Chileans and this earthquake won´t keep us down…”  – Diego Morales Aguilera

Diego suggested that donations be sent to a Chilean relief organization called Chile Ayudar a Chile [Chile Fundraiser Aims to Ignite Fundraising Efforts – Huffington Post].

Chile Earthquake Relief – How you can helpHuffington Post


In & Around Flatbush Junction – Outmoded Food Terms & Eating Habits

June 2003 © Frank H. Jump

Li Hung Chang, considered by some to be China - Underwood and Underwood. “Li Hung Chang, China's greatest viceroy and diplomat,” 1901. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress. Reproduction Number LC-USZ62-110736.

Chop Suey Was Invented, Fact or Fiction? August 29, 1896

Have you ever eaten chop suey? The origin of this Chinese-American dish is a bit of a mystery. Legend has it that, while he was visiting New York City, Chinese ambassador Li Hung Chang’s cooks invented the dish for his American guests at a dinner on August 29, 1896. America’s Story – Library of Congress

History of McDonalds – Wikipedia

The McDonald’s concept was introduced in San Bernardino, California by Dick and Mac McDonald of Manchester, New Hampshire. It was modified and expanded by their business partner, Ray Kroc, of Oak Park, Illinois, who later bought out the business interests of the McDonald’s brothers in the concept and went on to found McDonald’s Corporation.

June 2003 © Frank H. Jump

Ray Kroc's first franchised restaurant, the tenth-ever location (though torn down and rebuilt twice), Fresno, California. - Wikipedia Commons

History of Obesity:

Obesity is simply fatness in a degree higher than being overweight. The energy intake coming from food is stored as fat because the body does not use it. Obesity has quite an impact in one’s physical health that many degenerative diseases are directly and indirectly linked to obesity as observed in the history of obesity. It may even have a much worse impact on a person’s mental health. Throughout the history of obesity, its reputation varies from appreciation and the opposite among cultures and in time.

Perhaps the most controversial is the independent film, Super Size Me. Released in 2004, Super Size Me was written, produced and directed by American independent filmmaker, Martin Spurlock in an exploration of the prevalence of obesity in the USA. He documented 30 days of his life in an experiment of eating only McDonald’s food with completely no exercise. He began the project as healthy and lean but ended up overweight. It was later followed by several other documentaries and a few changes in the McDonald’s menu. The history of obesity should be well studied so precautions can be practiced and thus prevent obesity from spreading. History of Obesity

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