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“Descent” Talia Lugacy & Rosario Dawson

Talia Lugacy – Director, Chad Faust- Actor, Rosario Dawson- Actor, Producer
April 26, 2007 Tribeca Film Festival AMC 34th Street Theatre


Chad Faust & Marcus Patrick

© Frank H. Jump

“Descent” April 26, 2007
Tribeca Film Festival- AMC 34th Street Theatre

Rosa @ Premiere of “Descent”

April 26, 2007- Tribeca Film Festival- AMC Theatre 34th Street

Rosa at Seventeen

Rosario Dawson

photo credit: Frank H. Jump

I stopped by Rosa’s apartment when she was seventeen, woke her up and said, “Come upstairs to the roof and let’s take some pictures.” So she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and said, “OK Uncle Frank.” No make-up. No problem.

I Always Knew…

Rosario Dawson photo
CREDIT: Richard Phibbs

…my baby was beautiful! So proud of you Rosa- Uncle Frank

Rosario Dawson- Stars Without Makeup
People Magazine, 100 Most Beautiful People

Remnants of a Mail Pouch Ad- near a sign from God off Route 209- near Raymondsville PA


April 21, 2007 Chew…

A Womb With A View- Rte 209 near Brodheadsville, PA

God's Womb

When I was a little boy, I was thrown out of Sunday school (an Assembly of God in Old Howard Beach) for sharing my discovery that God was a woman. No!- the pastor exclaimed- God is a man! But you said God gave birth to the Universe- right? Yes- said the pastor- He did! Well???(hand on hip) … then whose uterus did He borrow? That was it. My Mom got a phone call to come pick me up.

Mail Pouch Tobacco- Indiana

This shot was taken by Charles A. Amstein.

Mail Pouch Tobacco, Indiana
Charles said, “This barn is just North of Rte 6, just West of I69 in Indiana.

Quaker Oats- Washington, D.C. circa 1870s

This fading ad was originally shot by American born watercolourist
Sandra Walker who resides in London, England.

This is a watercolour by © Sandra Walker- not a photo!

Vedum, Sweden

My friend Barney Fyman, a law professor in Sweden, took this shot in
July 2003 while cycling through Sweden. Great shot Barney!

More Ad Propaganda

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Gary Null & AIDS Inc.

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Royksopp- Remind Me

Count how many systems you see in this video!