Parking Lot

Mr. Jump

Here is the place where you can ask some of the questions I may not have been able to address either in class or on this blog. Please keep relevant questions on the topics of science, art & technology, HIV/AIDS, use of propaganda in the media & other media literacy questions, photography and other curriculum related topics. Questions about my personal life that can’t be answered by visiting my website are off limits.


45 responses to “Parking Lot

  1. Thanks for the great pictures. I love the one of the 2 anoles together. You are truly a talented photographic artist.


  2. Dear Linda-

    Glad you enjoy the pictures. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I must say that I enjoy the workshops and documenting them makes it even more fun and meaningful for me.


  3. I noticed a couple of photos from Flatbush? Do you live or work in Flatbush?

  4. I both live and work in Flatbush!

  5. Finding your work seems to be yet another star in the alignment of my most recent journey.

    I found you when looking for my old friend Dr. Erik M, brother of the best friend I ever had. Please pass on my email to him for me in hopes that we can reconnect.

    Peace and Cheer,
    And thank you for all that you and yours do,

  6. Delightful stuff. What fun to find you.

  7. Mage- Thanks! 🙂

  8. Love your artwork… I’ve always liked this subject matter of decaying signs and you’ve done a great job of capturing it. I like to take cross-country driving trips to eccentric places. Ever been to McLean Texas? Lots of abandoned buildings and decay there (also, a great museum about barbed wire). I’ve just started a blog about my travels and have a link to your site. Can you link me? Here’s the address:
    Thanks much!
    Gunnar Johnson

  9. Do you want some of my faded advertising images? I have many to send, just not on my site.


  10. Charles- Beautiful work. I see where fading ads intersect with your sensibility. The Chester Hide & Skin pics are great and I love the lobsters. Where are you as a home base? Would love to see your fades. I’ll feature them!


  11. Are you looking for more fading signs? I have some photos you could probably add to your blog.

  12. Christalle- Would love to feature them. Did you shoot them yourself? I would need images no wider that 500px, any length. Date, location of sign would also be helpful as well as any anecdotal info. Looking forward to seeing them.


  13. Hi Frank,

    I am a Masters of Journalism student from Brisbane, Australia and I am in the middle of a Photojournalism unit. For my major work I decided to take photos on fading ads here-and then came across your amazing site! Unfortunately Brisbane and its governments have never been interested in retaining history and there are not too many left. I am about to give a talk on your Fading Ad Assignment and was wondering what fading ad is your favourite and why? Also when you take a photo do you think much about the composition or are you just interested in taking it as documentary? Finally, what values do you want to portray (ie what type of reading would you like viewers to have of your work)?


  14. Belinda- So glad you are doing the work down under to document fading ads. These images have long been a metaphor for survival for me and over the last ten years, the focus has remained constant. Here is a first attempt at answering your questions:

    What fading ad is your favourite and why? That’s a tough one. It’s like having many children – they are all so special. The ones that have been most recognised are the first two in the Fading Ad Campaign series – Omega Oil and Reckitt’s Blue. Omega was my first sign I shot. When the Guardian included it in a spread they did back in 1999, it inspired the UK based American watercolourist Sandra Walker RI to come to Harlem to find it and photograph it herself to paint. That was very special. We remain in touch. Reckitt’s Blue was used by the NY Times on the front page of the Metro Section the week they “went colour” and that altered the direction of my life – giving me local recognition and a shot in the arm. But I think my favorite is M. Rappoport’s Music Store. I found it while my partner’s niece was visiting from Italy and I took her around to show her “how I find these signs.” It was almost staged. I said – over there is a construction site…” And voila! Such a beautiful gem. And it caused some controversy since I was exhibiting at the N-Y Historical Society and an apparently jealous peer accused me of stealing the image from an archive and calling it mine. Too bad for her that I have boxes of Ektachromes that document my discovery. Young & Schmuck is also a favorite. I love the birds.

    When you take a photo do you think much about the composition or are you just interested in taking it as documentary? I like to give a context of when the picture was taken in contrast to the actual image. Composition is definitely a consideration. Rappoport is an example of including the environment of the ad. The animal needs to be seen in its natural habitat.

    What values do you want to portray (ie what type of reading would you like viewers to have of your work)? Well obviously I want people to remember that the AIDS crisis is not over until there is a cure. Secondly, I am critical of commercialism but find myself caught up in it constantly. We are often documenting a product that is no longer produced but this is still a body of work that celebrates commercialism in some way. I worry that Americans are consumers first and producers second. As a teacher I try to foster the creative spirit of producing something you feel is valuable. So many children are very “brand conscious” and I try to instill a sense of self that is not “brand-driven.” You are not your Nikes. I am not my Vespa. But this is difficult since consumerism is such a large part of our social and popular culture. I hope I am understanding your question and answering it effectively.

  15. G’day Frank,

    Thank-you for your responses and I what you say is so true-to what I see to be America and how I see Australia (a mini US)-commericialism envelopes us. I am looking forward to talking on Monday about your work in front of my university peers and I am sure they will be looking up your site also!

    I too am a teacher and like you spend my lessons trying to instill these same values into my students as you seem to be also. Teachers seem to be doing so much more than just teaching curriculum these days! But its so important! It has been interesting how much this school term I have been teaching my students about the U.S. For example, today I showed Al Gore’s film and my students wanted to know why he never became President (when I explained the whole Florida situation-they could not believe it-I only hope it does not happen this time around…. so do they!!!)… and I had an English class where we discussed why Atticus Finch was such a hero.

    Brisbane is what I call Australia’s Miami! Commercialism central! I recently took a photo of an old “Citroen,” faded ad-that this week is no more. I think I got the last shot of it-another bites the dust because in Queensland they love to tear it down and build what they call modernism!

    Would you like my shots for your blog? I am happy to add them-if that is what you do with submissions?

    Cheers Frank and thanks!


  16. Wassup Belinda!

    So excited about your presentation on Monday. Perhaps you can go to the Fading Ad Wiki and read up about Nostalgia. Let me know what you think. You can also encourage others to contribute to the wiki as well. I would love to feature your images on the blog. Perhaps you might want to join the wiki and create a page too.

    All the best and looking forward to hearing the feedback about your presentation.


  17. Hi,

    Love your blog. We are looking for a sign painter who can paint a sign for us on a brick building in Williamsburg.

    Would you happen to know any?



  18. Try Jerry Johnson at Orange Advertising in Bklyn OR contact someone at Colossal Media. There are links for both on the blog in the categories. Gotta run.

  19. Hi there, I’m here for the first time referenced by Brownstoner. Great site, great shots. I’m a graphic designer. Have you seen/shot Sheri the oil dinosaur billboard on the north side of Atlantic Ave before you get to Bed-Stuy going east? Every time I drive to the airport I say goodbye for good luck and hope she will be there the next time.

  20. referenced from Bedstuyblog, that is.

  21. Susan- Is it still there? Can you shoot it or give me the cross streets. I think you are talking about the pink one near Washington or Classon.


  22. Hey Frank,

    Just to let you know-I got a high distinction talking about you and your work! I am getting together shots of Brisbane for you to send through for your blog. I have found some great ones-but as I mentioned there are not many left.

    Cheers Belinda

  23. Belinda- So glad the presentation went well. Looking forward to receiving your images of Brisbane. Would love a transcript of your talk.


  24. Hi Frank, I haven’t passed by there for a few months, but those streets sound right, and yes she is pink. She is very beautiful and feminine. I’ll try to make a journey there to shoot it, but you may get there before me.

  25. What about fading ads on Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn. There are so many fading ads for example, borders ice cream, and more.

    also, a little bit of history about the old businesses that were once on Atlantic Avenue, East New York. I know there were plenty of sweat shops in the old days located on atlantic avenue. please consider posting information on these.

    i love your site.

  26. You have an amazing site. The ads remind me of growing up in Baltimore with many similiar style works. In addition to the fading ads the pictures of your life ,family, causes and concerns etc.. Keep up the great work.

  27. Thanks Tales! I’m assuming that is tales from topographic oceans.

  28. Nah, just stories from Southwest Florida.

  29. Your work is amazing. Thank you so much for inviting me to take a look-see. I foresee spending hours here going through all you have visually memorialized. Congrats on a wonderful blog

  30. That you Cherie- I’m looking forward to your commentary. xo Frank

  31. Been enjoying your stuff for years, Frank… thanks for the fun!
    There’s sign painted ads near me at 7th Avenue & Greenwich thanks to Marc Jacobs! Love seeing the work as it’s being done on the brick. By chance it’s at the same location as the diner in Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks”!

  32. Thanks Dale! Check out this posting of the Marc Jacobs sign a buddy of mine from Italy took last month. There is a link to the Edward Hopper connexion in the comments! Best, Frank

  33. Hey Frank,

    Hope all is well there is NY.

    Just to let you know I have finally got my little website finally up and running after 2 years of having the domain name sitting there. I have linked to your site etc.



    • Belinda! Blogged you back! Just a quick suggestion, in your hyperlinks, rather than using Google search links, use direct links to the actual postings.

  34. Hi Frank,

    Hope all is well. I am starting up a magazine that I hope will go out in Jan and I was wanting to include a story about you and your photography in it-based on the work and interview I did with you for my Masters last year. Would this be okay with you?



  35. Hey Belinda- Sounds great! Best of luck with the mag.


  36. Hi Frank-cool, I will send you a copy when all done.

    Can I use some of the photos to accompany the piece from your web-I will put copyright etc on them? Or could you send me some as pdf’s?


    • Let me know which ones you want and I can supply better resolution for printing. Will they be in b&w or color? Gloss or flat? I’ll need sizes as well. x.Frank.o

  37. Hi Frank,
    I love the pics of these old ads! Have you happened to have ever come across old ads for “Farmers Pride Coffee”? I will be doing some work up here for the IN historical society and am looking for some color references.
    Thank you!

  38. Hello Frank…Derek from the Lemmy Caution connection here. Do you take photo submissions? Much is fading away up here north of Syracuse, including the ads. Since I moved to this part of the states the message seems to be that there’s more past than present, and old adverts can be spotted hidden in the trees or on the buildings even banks can’t find a use for. No biggie – just trying to have fun.

  39. Hi there Frank,

    First of all, I really love your work and what you’re doing here. I just wanted to ask about whether you have safety concerns when you are covering lots of different types of territory to take photos. Specifically, I am interested in starting my own project in documenting modern handpainted signage on Montgomery St, Savannah, GA (where I know you’ve taken photos before!) Just wanted to know if you have any words of wisdom on judging the safety of an area and how you approach that. Thank you very much!

    • Christine- With which regard are you concerned about safety? Your physical safety? (I usually travel with my husband). The riskiness of covering many types of signage – the fear of become too vague? (You cover a wider audience). People are usually friendly when you are taking shots of buildings. Crowds gather and people ask questions. I would suggest traveling with a buddy. Someone else can be a comfort and help you find things you may not see alone. Wishing you all the best and I look forward to seeing your shots! Frank

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