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Spring Is Here!

Answer “The Five Questions” about the image below.Chipmunk at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe- Summer 2002

CLICK ON THE TWO IMAGES BELOW: Read the two articles on the New York Times & MSNBC websites and answer the questions about the Vernal Equinox.


From the NY Times: The Tilted Earth at Its ‘Equal Night of Spring’

Earth's tilted axis.
Image by Serge Bloch

MSNBC: The Reason for the Season!

Earth in its revolution around the Sun.
Earth’s tilt affects the seasons. In this graphic, distances and sizes are not to scale.
Click the image to read the article on MSNBC’s website and answer the following questions on the ASSIGNMENTS PAGE.

Spring in London, 2001

West End Tandoori
March 21, 2001 – Soho, London © Frank H. Jump

Six Years Ago Today

Soho, London
Soho, London – March 21, 2001 © Frank H. Jump

Grossmann- Budapest, Hungary

August 25, 2001
Grossmann back
© Frank H. Jump

Grossmann- Budapest, Hungary

Grossmann close
This image was taken in Budapest, Hungary in August of 2001, in the Jewish Ghetto- not far from the old Synagogue.

M. Rappoport’s Music Store

Formerly at 4109 Jamaica Avenue near Woodhaven Avenue

M. Rappoport

Picture taken in July 1998

© Frank H. Jump
Notice, where was the location of this store? Who was the advertiser, O.J. Gude- and what impact did he have on outdoor advertising?

Go to the assignments page and answer these and the five other questions.

Reckitt’s Blue – Brooklyn 1997

Reckitt's Blue
© Frank H. Jump

Here’s a sign that has now been covered up again- perhaps to be revealed in another 100 years.

Go to the assignments page and answer the five questions.

Omega Oil

West 147th Street & Frederick Douglas- Harlem, NYC – taken March, 1997Omega Oil
© Frank H. Jump

“For Sun Burn, For Weak Backs, For Stiff Joints, For Sore Muscles, For Athletes. Trial Bottle 10 ¢.” An all-purpose miracle oil. The company was incorporated from February 3, 1870 through April 2, 1924.

Go to the assignments page and answer the five questions.

Thanks for the feedback!

Scott- At first I was going to use this blog as a trial to just play with ideas of what I would do for a classroom blog and I’ve decided to use this blog as an educational tool. I’m busy writing the actual “paper” but this posting could serve as an abstract. I want this Fading Ad Blog to address many of the different issues I have with today’s curriculum. One of them is the poor attempt on the Department of Education to administer a meaningful and informative HIV/AIDS curriculum that will really educate students about safe behaviors. Additionally, I will integrate Science, New York Studies, World Studies, Mapping Skills, and Art & Photography, as well as Memoir as a Personal Document. Right now, I teach second through fifth grade but this new certification will be K-12. Eventually I would like to teach older students, having already taught middle school. I’m enjoying elementary and it will be a challenge to tailor this blog to address perhaps a fourth grade curriculum and keep it age appropriate. I think I am going to have fun with this one.

Take a tour of some new ads in Brooklyn & Queens!

© Frank H. Jump
Navy Propaganda Ad in Brooklyn

Hello world!

Welcome to The Fading Ad Gallery. Please share your images of fading wall advertisements and other images that fill our urban landscape.