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Carlton & Cunningham – New Standard Boarding & Livery Stables

© Lars Åhman

© Lars Åhman

© Lars Åhman

© Lars Åhman

In response to my Horse Town to Motor City posting Mr. Åhman commented:

My grandmother had an aunt married to Cunningham in “Carlton & Cunningham” livery stables on 427 – 429 on, East 39th street in New York. Maybe! She lived at 218 East 39th street. But the address to the livery stables is not sure, only the number. She was there in 1909 to 1912. The phone number was 3648 38th. Anyone has any idea to where the livery stable was situated? Is a guess on East 38th street based on the phone number reasonable?

I then wrote: I tried a limited Google search and came up with nothing. Your phone number theory sounds plausible. Perhaps someone who frequents this blog may be of help. Best of luck in you search and I will keep you posted if I find out anything else. Mr. Åhman e-mailed me that he had a vintage photo of the storefront and I told him I would post it with the hope that someone might recognize the street. He then replied:

Hi! Thank you for publishing the photo. When you publish it, could you please give the e-mail address as lars.ahman(at)privat.utfors.se, but in some way so spam-search engines can not use the address automatically? As I tried to do.

When I was in New York 10 years ago exactly, I went to the wrong location because I thought I knew the right address, but I screwed up. Maybe. 😉

I look forward to see if someone answers.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Lars Åhman

Or as they, that is we, in Sweden say: Ha det bra!

If any of our readers can help us track down the exact street address and location, it would be greatly appreciated by Mr. Åhman.