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Loans – I. Golden – On Diamonds, Jewelry, Clothing, Etc – Gravesend Neck Road – Gravesend, Brooklyn – Lisanne Anderson

Gravesend Neck Road & East 15th Street © Lisanne Anderson

Views from the Bowery Hotel – YMCA – Men Welcome, Lodging, Meals, Employment – Rosario Dawson

© Rosario Dawson

© Tamelyn (Flickr Photostream)

Dempsey’s Liquor Store – Mail Pouch Tobacco – Waterloo, NY – Featured Fade

© Isaac Hattem

Between Seneca & Cayuga Lakes in the Finger Lake region of New York State is the town of Waterloo, named after the Belgian town where Napoleon didn’t have such a good day in 1815. My buddy Isaac, who I met in Yellowstone last summer, was traveling from Ithaca to Buffalo and shot this for me, almost incredulously.

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7up Ad – La Conner, WA – Featured Fade – Fred King

BLUESTAR2012's Blog © Fred King

Hi, Frank-

Attached is a photo I  took in La Conner, Washington last year. I thought you might find it usable for your blog. I apologize for the tilt. I have subscribed to your blog for a year and really enjoy your work.

Best regards,
Fred King

Thanks Fred! Don’t apologize for the tilt! Without it, how would it go down the hatch?

Fred says: Currently 58 years old. I’m a grandfather. I have a chronic illness that has not allowed me to work the past few years. Lots of meds, no cure. Love photography as a hobby and love to write, as therapy of sorts. The blogs I subscribe to and run across are truly inspiring. There is just so much imagery being captured and shared around the world. Visual imagery as well as that evoked in writing. I’m humbled to play a small part in this community.

Check out his blog at BLUESTAR2012

Narragansett Beer – Ralph’s Bar – Worcester, MA

© LB Worm

© LB Worm

© LB Worm

Hello – Love your blog, a fan here in Worcester, MA. My favorite drinking establishment recently had an ad for Narragansett Beer, which is making a comeback in New England, painted on the outside of the bar. I also included a shot of the front. The place features an authentic 1950’s diner and two bars, upstairs and down. The mural would be on the right side. – Thanks, LB Worm

Thank you LB. Great mural!

Bistokills – Dublin Grenade Wheatpaste Art – Featured Fade – Barbara Snow

Grove Park, Rathmines - Dublin, Ireland © Barbara Snow

© Frank H. Jump

Photoshopped by Frank H. Jump

More Bistokills:

Source Images: Amazon dot com

Ah Bisto

Bisto Gravy

Adobe Ads – Livingston’s Quality Furniture – Featured Fade – Mitch Paluszek – Santa Fe, NM

At Low Prices © Mitch Paluszek

Featured Fade – Ithaca Sign Works – Seneca & State Streets – Ithaca, NY

© Isaac Hattem

© Isaac Hattem

© Isaac Hattem

© Isaac Hattem

Then and Now, from Signs to Websites.

Started by Ogilvie Stanford in 1879 with the help of Rockwell Gager. Ithaca Sign Works produced cloth, tin and wooden signs; novelties like yard sticks, match safes, knife sharpeners, fly swatters, and spare tire covers. They printed or painted such items as advertisements for other companies all over the country. – Ithaca Sign Works

Brush Up Business with Paint, Paste, Paper & Push – Tribeca, NY

© Sandro & Gianna

© Gianna Narduzzo & Sandro Pavesio

Previously posted on Fading Ad Campaign website.

Taken in 1998 © Frank H. Jump

Taken in 1998 © Frank H. Jump

To the Editor: NY Times –

The sign uncovered at Reade Street and West Broadway in downtown New York City and described in Paul Goldberger’s May 14 appraisal of “Signs of Lost Times” may have “confounded city historians for years,” but it was clear to me the moment I saw it. “Brush Up Business With Paint, Paste, Paper, Push” is an advertisement for outdoor advertising itself — an ad for ads, if you will. In other (more modern) words: “Improve your business with outdoor billboards” (which are painted, pasted and papered). Why ‘Push’? For alliterative purposes only. “Push” means “sell.” Which is what outdoor advertising has been doing ever since, and very well at that. ROBERT REAUME President, Outdoor Advertising Association of Canada Toronto, May 19, 1994

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Philadelphia Fades – Kristi Siegel Capone

© Kristi Siegel Capone

TJ Cobourn Grocery - Camac Food Market © Kristi Siegel Capone

© Kristi Siegel Capone

© Kristi Siegel Capone

© Kristi Siegel Capone

© Kristi Siegel Capone

© Kristi Siegel Capone

Cunningham Building © Kristi Siegel Capone

© Kristi Siegel Capone

McDonalds, Market Street © Kristi Siegel Capone

Kristi Siegel Capone lives in Saint Petersberg FL and enjoys traveling and a good glass of wine. Welcome Kristi to the Fading Ad Blog National Correspondents’ Pool and leave her a comment!

Kristi Siegel Capone

Kristi Siegel Capone

Other Cobourn Grocery shots.