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South Dakotan Roundbarn – Gettysburg, SD – Bob Kisken

© Bob Kisken

© Bob Kisken

When I first started my round barn project I would take a photo, print it, mat it and add it to the folio. I have a hard time taking 3 or more before I get away. I just got back from SD, Minn, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. This is one of the photos I took in SD. The barn in all its majesty sits on a gravel road. It appears to be getting old and worn out. I would love to live across from it and watch it as it ages. Perhaps I am getting goofy in my old age  but what the hell. cheers bob

© Kisken

© Kisken

This is the Sloat Barn near Gettysburg, SD.  I have a great black and white print of this over my fireplace.  The barn was photographed as part of the book on old South Dakota buildings that was published in the last couple years.  The main author/editor was Jay D. Vogt, State Historic Preservation Officer, for South Dakota.

At one time, the owner wanted to jack it up and move it to town to have an antique business in but thankfully that didn’t happen but it sits in the middle of nowhere.

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Kisken on Finnish Roundbarns

Finnish Roundbarn - Hurley, Wisconsin © Bob Kisken

Finnish Roundbarn - Hurley, Wisconsin © Bob Kisken

This house and barn were built by a Finnish immigrant in Hurley Wisconsin the turn of last century. One of my favorites. cheers, bob

Just In: From Kisken the Finn – Finnish Round Barn in Montana – Kiitos to Kisken!

Finnish Round Barn

Barn Label
Barn Info
© Bob Kisken

This is a barn built by Finns in Rerd Lodge, Montana. It was a dairy. The woman who owns it now, Kerrie Rochon, is not a Finn. She [Rochon] has done a great job of restoring it. It is a bar and gambling house. I have met lots of neat people who are restoring Finn buildings and keeping our heritage alive. Both Finns and non-Finns are doing this. I wish some American Finn group or Finnish government group would recognize their efforts and give them a “kiitos plaque.” cheers bob kisken.

Kiitos Kisken!