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Photo Blogs of Distinction – Soho Journal features Fading Ad and fellow photobloggers

Soho Journal

The Soho Journal “went sightseeing online” and singled out Fading Ad Blog as one of their favorite “engaging, compelling photography blogs.” Looks like John Coakley didn’t have to go far since the other two outstanding photoblogs he featured were in my blogroll. Adrian Kinloch’s Brit in Brooklyn and Chris Adams’ Lonely Pictures were also given rave reviews for their singular and poetic visual perspectives. Coakley went on further to say:

And remember, these sites all have excellent links sections to allow you to spend even more time at work looking at pretty pictures that aren’t porn. Enjoy!

Click on The Soho Journal logo above to read the article. Here are some images from my fellow photobloggers I found compelling.

Chris Adams’ Lonely Pictures

Petty Motor Hotel - Lufkin Texas

Petty Motor Hotel - Lufkin Texas

Whitaker Grocery - Nacogdoches, Texas
© Chris Adams

The Petty Motor Hotel sign is in Lufkin, Texas and Whitakers Grocery is in Adams’ home town of Nacogdoches, which is also documented in his Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches blog.

Adrian Kinloch’s Brit in Brooklyn

Kenny's Hero - Prospect Park

The News - Gowanus
© Adrian Kinloch

These are some of Kinloch’s favorite signs, the first being what Kinloch explains is “a vacuum-formed sign that I like in Park Slope” and the second image, which is one of my favorites- the Gowanus megalith on 3rd and Degraw Street.

Thank you Soho Journal!

Fading Ad Blog is Officially One Year Old!

Birthday Cake

Time flies when your fading. And blah blah blogging. Fading Ad Campaign Website just turned nine years old. The project’s inception was February 1997. Thank you for coming along for the ride and your collaborations!

Exquisitely Bored Posts Exquisitely Gorgeous Knippa Texas Coca-Cola Ads

Exquitely Bored Posts Knippa Texas Cola Ghosts
© Chris Adams, Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches

I knew it was somewhere in Knippa. I saw it in my rearview mirror, pulled off the highway, and walked back to it. The light couldn’t have been more perfect. – Chris Adams

I couldn’t agree with you more Chris. Breathtaking!

Mobil Oils – For Correct Automobile… Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Mobil Oils, Flatbush Avenue - Brooklyn
© Frank H. Jump

Early Mobil Oils ad campaign.

Mobil Oils - Flatbush Avenue & Mobil Gas by Chris Adams, Lonely Pictures
© Chris Adams, Lonely Pictures