As Fading Ad Blog Approaches One Million Visits…

Reckitt's Blue - March, 1998 © Frank H. Jump

I’ve been working on transferring FAB to my own domain ( Not broke, why fix it you ask? Well, it is time to make the switch as we approach our millionth viewer. This summer, I am also planning to begin the process of self-publishing the Fading Ad Campaign – a collection of the original images that launched this project in 1997. Shortly after the exhibition in 1998 at the N-Y Historical Society, I launched the websites at and and now feel the need to document this in print. Hopefully, this will be the first in a series of books documenting the project’s evolution in cyberspace. Please continue to send your comments and feedback about the new site. Thank you for your commitment and continued readership.

4 responses to “As Fading Ad Blog Approaches One Million Visits…

  1. 1,000,000 visits is definitely proof that you have accomplished something important.

    So many people, myself included of course, have appreciated greatly your contribution to preserving aspects of our history through documenting it.

  2. Thank you Lisanne. It has been a labor of love.

  3. You have really done something amazing, Frank! I have subscribed for nearly two years. I know it takes energy and commitment to sustain a project like FAB, which you must have in abundance. I’m looking forward to a print version of FAB if that project materializes. What you are preserving/recording is our history which is rapidly disappearing. A million thanks!

    • Thanks Fred! Glad to have you onboard for two years. I’m hoping to start scanning my Ektachrome in mid-July. Aiming for a winter holiday release.