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We have changed our domain to fadingad.com/fadingadblog and continue to post daily! Please change your links! Thank you for your continued readership. Comments are no longer available here.

McDonald Avenue near Church Avenue © Frank H. Jump

Previously posted on May 27, 2007

Happy Flag Day!

I was never a flag waver, but a flag wearer.

As Fading Ad Blog Approaches One Million Visits…

Reckitt's Blue - March, 1998 © Frank H. Jump

I’ve been working on transferring FAB to my own domain (fadingad.com/fadingadblog). Not broke, why fix it you ask? Well, it is time to make the switch as we approach our millionth viewer. This summer, I am also planning to begin the process of self-publishing the Fading Ad Campaign – a collection of the original images that launched this project in 1997. Shortly after the exhibition in 1998 at the N-Y Historical Society, I launched the websites at frankjump.com and fadingad.com and now feel the need to document this in print. Hopefully, this will be the first in a series of books documenting the project’s evolution in cyberspace. Please continue to send your comments and feedback about the new site. Thank you for your commitment and continued readership.

Loans – I. Golden – On Diamonds, Jewelry, Clothing, Etc – Gravesend Neck Road – Gravesend, Brooklyn – Lisanne Anderson

Gravesend Neck Road & East 15th Street © Lisanne Anderson