Bronx Disaster Billboard – Major Deegan Expressway

© Frank H. Jump

In light of the BP Oil Disaster, Hurricane Katrina, the Stock Market, this summer’s hurricane forecast, and the re-election (takeover) of Michael Bloomberg – be ready for anything!



4 responses to “Bronx Disaster Billboard – Major Deegan Expressway

  1. Laura Simurda

    As if Bronxites would be hugely effected by the Brooklyn Bridge overturning. Or any bridge for that matter. The Bronx is the only borough that is on the mainland. It has the best escape route – up the major deegan to the NY thruway to Canada.

  2. But it is a serious concern in a lot of places here. A Category 3 hurricane could cause serious coastal damage, a Category 4 could wipe out entire neighborhoods. And there are other concerns as well. We could even have an moderately serious earthquake. We have already had some mild ones.

    • Take a look at the flood zone maps for Brooklyn! You think that Flatbush would be safe because it is far enough away from the coast, but the danger is Canarsie, which would be inundated and THAT floodwater would travel west towards Brooklyn College.

  3. Canarsie, like the part of Sheepshead Bay I’m in is a secondary risk area. There’s still going to be a lot of damage if we have a direct hit.

    They have Flatbush Avenue going past Brooklyn College as a tertiary risk area. Are there hills to the west of Flatbush going towards the college. If there isn’t there’s definitely an increased risk as it is an open area. The water will saturate the ground and then rise.

    I do believe that we are long overdue for a catastrophic storm. What happened in March was pretty bad, but that is nothing to compared to a direct hit from a hurricane.