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Packing Material – Los Angeles Times – Sunday, April 9, 1967

From Daniel Hotel Supply - archival clothing's flickr photostream

I saw this photo in Archival Clothing’s  Flickr account a year ago and noticed the date.  Forty-two years ago today! I found this shot by way of my “cousin” Jerry Jump in Eugene, Oregon. Their Flickr group is called the Eugene Oregon Grid Project.

Previously posted on April 11, 2009


Rival Dog Food – Union City, NJ – Chicago, IL

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

In 1923, Meyer Katz founded the RIVAL Packing Company of Chicago, marking the origin of RIVAL as a meat packing plant. – Biglots dot com

Vintage Quincy - Flickr

6224 N. California Ave. Chicago - Hello Chicago - Flickr

California & Granville - Chicago - Mark 2400's Flickr Photostream


1940s Rival Matchbook - eBay

Uncut Rival Dog Food Matchbook Sheet - Depression Press Flickr Stream

Uncut Rival Dog Food Matchbook Sheet - Greg Koenig - Flickr

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