Marriage Trial dot com Re-enacts California’s Proposition 8 Trials

marriagetrial dot com

Day 1: Chapters 1-4 (January 11th, 2010)

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ABOUT THE MARRIAGE TRIAL PROJECT (taken from their website):

In its January 13, 2010 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the public broadcast of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, a U.S. District Court case challenging the constitutional validity of California’s Proposition 8.

Working from court transcripts and first-hand accounts from bloggers who are present at the trial, we are re-enacting the trial and posting it here for public viewing.

John Ireland and John Ainsworth are co-producing this project under JIP, LLC a production company based in Hollywood.

For more information: email them, follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Production Costs

“If you support what we are doing, please consider contributing, to help us cover costs. All of the actors, producers and others behind the scenes are volunteering our time and our resources are limited. Your gift will help us to complete our work. Thanks!” – Marriage Trial dot com profiled on Bill Moyers Journal

They battled it out as legal adversaries in 2000 before the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore. But what’s got these two prominent lawyers – one conservative and one liberal – working together in court now? Theodore Olson, one of the nation’s premier appellate and United States Supreme Court advocates and David Boies, one of the country’s preeminent trial lawyers, argued opposite sides for the fate of the 2000 election but are now teamed up in the fight to overturn California’s Proposition 8 ballot measure outlawing same-sex marriage. The unexpected pair discusses why they’ve taken on the hot-button issue – even as some gay rights activists objected – and why they don’t believe that same-sex marriage is a right or left issue. Visit for more information.

marriagetrial dot com

It’s about time heterosexual lawmakers are standing up for our civil rights! This is a milestone!


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