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7up Ad – La Conner, WA – Featured Fade – Fred King

BLUESTAR2012's Blog © Fred King

Hi, Frank-

Attached is a photo I  took in La Conner, Washington last year. I thought you might find it usable for your blog. I apologize for the tilt. I have subscribed to your blog for a year and really enjoy your work.

Best regards,
Fred King

Thanks Fred! Don’t apologize for the tilt! Without it, how would it go down the hatch?

Fred says: Currently 58 years old. I’m a grandfather. I have a chronic illness that has not allowed me to work the past few years. Lots of meds, no cure. Love photography as a hobby and love to write, as therapy of sorts. The blogs I subscribe to and run across are truly inspiring. There is just so much imagery being captured and shared around the world. Visual imagery as well as that evoked in writing. I’m humbled to play a small part in this community.

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