Smoke Duke’s Mixture Natural Tobacco – George Schwartz Germania Hall – Savannah, GA

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

The Milwaukee Sentinel - November 14, 1912 - Google

Saturated & Rehued © Frank H. Jump

Desaturated & Dehued © Frank H. Jump

Sepia © Frank H. Jump

Grayscale © Frank H. Jump

Trinkets & Trash dot org

Durham Smoking Tobacco & Duke’s Mixture. Fine cut tobacco (Roll your own, RYO). Two classic brands of cigarette tobacco which originated in the 1860s-70s in Durham, NC. Flu cured tobacco made the smoke from these cigarettes mild, that is, easy to inhale. These examples date from after 1911, following the breakup of the American Tobacco Trust. – Trinkets & Trash dot org

The only references I found about Germania Hall was in Google Books in a book by Whip Morrison Triplett called Savannah – Illustrated in postcards.

Savannah - Postcard History Series © Whip Morrison Triplett

Savannah - Postcard History Series © Whip Morrison Triplett

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