Leed’s – Moskin’s – Easy Credit Terms

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump


4 responses to “Leed’s – Moskin’s – Easy Credit Terms

  1. Moskin’s was my grandad’s store. Any way of getting a print or digital file of this picture? Very cool! Thank you.
    David Moskin

  2. David- Have you received the photograph?

  3. Dick Kalfus

    (for David Moskin)

    1957 – 1962, I was a buyer at Moskin Stores. Worked under Morris Moskin, Donald Moskin, and son-in-law Sydney Liebman. Based in NYC,
    the chain consisted of 102 stores across the country and provided merchandise for low down payments…before the advent of credit cards. Morris Moskin was a marvelous mentor and a true retail genius. Would love to contact any previous members of the buyer or management team.

    Dick Kalfus
    Cape Coral, Florida