Daffodil Motel – Milton, WA – Seattle-Tacoma Area

© Frank H. Jump

After taking this picture, the owner or manager – an elderly woman dressed in a Sari – started yelling at me for taking a picture of “private property.” Perhaps she was concerned I was taking pictures of license plates in the parking lot.


6 responses to “Daffodil Motel – Milton, WA – Seattle-Tacoma Area

  1. Flatbush Pigeon

    Love this, Frank!

    • Thanks FP- It was an enchanting experience being chased down by a Sikh madame for doing something totally within my rights. Perhaps in Punjab I would have had my hands chopped off! Best, Frank

  2. That’s a real beauty, Frank. I got yelled at for taking a picture at an old motel too but your story is more colorful!

  3. onsundaymorning

    Great story.

  4. Crazy about this photo!
    I’m using it in my wedding blog (if that’s ok) with credit of course.
    It’ll be too funny in a blog post (will post next week) about daffodil weddings! If I already have it posted by the time you read this & you want it taken out of the post please let me know.
    Love you website! Will be visiting again!
    Nashville, Tennessee