Forbes: Artist Power by Missy Sullivan -Best of The Web, 05.22.00

Photographer Frank Jump documents vintage ads on the sides of old New York buildings. He knows that little-known artists like himself need somewhere public to display their wares. They need dealers. Lotsa luck. While there’s no hard data, industry experts estimate that only about 5%-10% of artists nationally are represented by galleries. And those that are, regularly surrender 50%–or more–of the sales price.

Jump wasn’t exactly chased by dealers. So he took his stuff to the Internet. Log on to, and you can see his work, e-mail him questions about it and buy it if it interests you.

“The site has acted as my press agent,” Jump says. It didn’t hurt that it was chosen as a Yahoo site of the week in early 1999. He’s now listed on nearly 80 search engines worldwide. – Missy Sullivan, Forbes Magazine


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