Drink Nestlé Sweet Success – Mission District – San Francisco, CA

© Frank H. Jump

17th Street between Folsom and Treat. © Frank H. Jump

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10 responses to “Drink Nestlé Sweet Success – Mission District – San Francisco, CA

  1. I would like to know where this product (nestle sweet success) is sold. It has’nt been in any of the stores in my city in years. Can it be purchased on-line thru a company. Or can you send me a list of stores who still sell this product. I have searched for years to find this product and thought that it was taken off of the market.

  2. Hope – I document signage. Good luck in your search. Try Asian and Latin American markets. Best, Frank

  3. Greetings Frank, Thanks for posting that photo. I was one of the scenic artist on that project. Another sign(identical) was over at the entrance to So. Park but was covered up by the construction of a new building. I needed a photo for my portfolio and your photo is pretty clear. Thanks, Kenneth

  4. hey,..Frank is it? My name is Hannah,in in 10th grade, and i go to Richland High School in Richland Washington. I’m doing a nutrition report for weight loss aids, and i chose Nestle Sweet Success weight loss shakes,…but the problem is, is that i cant find any info, or even a picturre of the actual product. My report is due friday of this week, so if you could help me in any way that would be greatly appreciated. I need to know where it was created, How it works, and Who created it. Like i said, if you could answer 1 or all of these and let me know where they were found with URLs, that would be awesome.

    Hannah M. Gray

    • Dear Hannah- I don’t think this product is produced in the US anymore. If you look at the previous comments, the fellow who painted this sign, Kenneth M, who is a resident of the San Francisco area. I will forward your query to him and hopefully he will respond. Best of luck. Frank

  5. sweet success is now owned by a smaller company stock ( swts ) purchased from nestle.

  6. Nutrisystem is the company that bought the Nestle Sweet Success Line.

  7. Hi All,

    Im desperately trying to get information on the building that Nestle spot was painted on. Its the Pacific Atlas Woodworking Co. Does anyone have any info or know where I might be able to find something? A name, number, anything at this point…

    Many Thanks, Michael