Fading Ad Blog Hits The Road Jack – Meet Us On The Way West!

Cross Country Itinerary by Trails dot com

Cross Country Itinerary by Trails dot com

We are planning to drive cross-country in our RV beginning tomorrow. Enzo and myself are planning to hit the northern route on the way across, going up to Vancouver – then down the west coast to Palm Springs – then crossing back doing the southern route through AZ, NM, TX, LA and up through TN.

Any fading ads you can suggest we see, please let us know – or meet us for coffee! Take it away Ray!

10 responses to “Fading Ad Blog Hits The Road Jack – Meet Us On The Way West!

  1. on the road again keep’s going through my mind
    have fun guys
    love you
    big sis

  2. Wow, what a great trip! I’m envious. How long are you going to be away? Have a great time!

  3. Should you make it LA, you can find a few faded signs on a few of the old buildings downtown (in the older portion of downtown). I’m from back east myself and have ALWAYS loved seeing the old faded signs dating from as far back as the 1880’s on the sides of buildings. The only I can think of that is cool here in LA is one that reads “Brunswick”. It was the old Brunswick/Balke/Collendar (maker of records– among other things–which I’m sure you are familiar with) building on Los Angeles Street just north of 9th St. So, if you make it to LA, take a gander at that one. Again, we have NOTHING like what you guys have in NYC. =( Have a blast on your trip!

  4. Happy Trails!! Looking forward to the cross country updates – xoxo!

  5. Fantastic! Have a great time…

    If you find yourself in Denton, Texas, there are some really great old signs in the downtown area.

  6. If by chance you go through Pittsburgh, there are tons of great fading ads in the Strip District (which is generally a fun place to visit anyway!) Have fun!

  7. Cant tell you how jealous i am Frank, hope you have an amazing time! looks like you got some great stuff already.

    • Thanks Erik. So much to post, so little time. We are in Madison WI now. Off to Mt Rushmore tomorrow and hopefully in Yellowstone by the ninth. keep u posted!