NYC LGBT Pride 1997 – Rosario Dawson & Uncle Frank

© Frank H. Jump

West Side Highway - Perry Street - Piers © Frank H. Jump

2 responses to “NYC LGBT Pride 1997 – Rosario Dawson & Uncle Frank

  1. You look marvelous darling! Put your photos right up front, where that other photographer was, the best in the house! Would love to do an evening event when you get back? My way of an affordable show!! I do all the work for you upstairs in my studio, so we can do it right, will invites and such… hopefully you will have tons to sell, when you get back! I’ll keep you in my prayers for a safe & fantastic journey, remember to just sit back & enjoy, the hell with bathing, hehe!
    God bless and have fun, sincerely caroline

  2. Hey thanks Caroline for the benediction! As for the party afterwards, I think we will be ready for one. Thanks again for everything! My best to the boys.
    xo jUmP!