Now & Then – Mietek Paluszek (1943) – Mitch Paluszek

© Mitch Paluszek

Mietek Paluszek in front of Harriet Hubbard ad & Eugenics Publishing Co © Mitch Paluszek

© Mitch Paluszek

CP Goerz American Optical Co. © Mitch Paluszek

Just want to share a freaky faded ad thing. I went for one of my long walks (it’s my thing) back in March and took a pic from 2nd Avenue and 34th of a faded sign. (I had seen it a million times and thought that now, it deserved a photo.) Later that week, quite by coincidence, I was scanning old family pictures, and I stumbled into a picture of my dad from the rooftop of his tenement flat on 2nd and 34th, proudly wearing his GI fatigues as he was about to go off to war (the big one, WWII). Let’s just say as I looked at my dad’s pic, I almost started to shake, and I went to see the pic I took just that previous weekend. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.


2 responses to “Now & Then – Mietek Paluszek (1943) – Mitch Paluszek

  1. A truly amazing story. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  2. that is awesome! Did you know he’d lived there in the neighborhood when you took the pic? You should try to get a pic from the vantage point in his pic. =)