White People – Rogers Avenue – Flatbush, Brooklyn

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Buy One, Get One Free © Vincenzo Aiosa

White Person up close © Frank H. Jump

White Person up close © Frank H. Jump

7 responses to “White People – Rogers Avenue – Flatbush, Brooklyn

  1. Intriguing. I wonder if they have all kinds of white people, or only old white men. And if you buy an old white guy, do you get a young hunk free? And can you just lease one?

  2. Flatbush Pigeon

    Frank, Watch out! They might slip a price tag on your back!

  3. Toni-Renee Garner

    Frank, good to see you are still doing your thing! You are not missing anything at 415 Washington except landlord drama! We miss you! (#54)

  4. Hey Toni! How is the family? Landlord drama eh? So glad to have had the opportunity to enjoy living in Ft Greene with all of the 415ers when we did. Our big mistake is not buying the Brownstone across the street. Keep in touch!

  5. Wait a minute…what happened to my Flatbush??? Church & Rogers? Erasmus Hall H.S
    Click on the East New York Project and see what they are doing.