Undecipherable Fading Ad – Lafayette Street – Soho, NYC

© Frank H. Jump

Office Around Corner © Frank H. Jump

2 responses to “Undecipherable Fading Ad – Lafayette Street – Soho, NYC

  1. Faded signs like this one offer a real challenge to decipher the printing. I inverted the photo in Adobe Photoshop and the name looked like Reedman, but a Google search didn’t associate the Reedman name with Lafayette St.

    However there were matches with a Freedman Die Cutters located at 285 Lafayette St. The company was founded in 1932. They made steel rule dies, advertising displays, did film and photo laminating and stamping, and performed other mounting and finishing services for the graphic arts industry. The company later moved to Long Island City where it went out of business in 2002.

    • Thanks Robert! How are things down by you? Your Port Arthur images have gotten a lot of traffic. Take care and enjoy the warmer weather.