LGBT Rights Are Civil Rights – Join the Power!

THE POWER IS YOURS because you are THE POWER. JOIN THE POWER in holding political leaders accountable to support equality for LGBT people, not on some arbitrary and convenient schedule, but right now.

THE POWER works to unleash every individual’s power to engage in direct political action that creates change in the cause of LGBT civil rights. We operate under the premise that every individual can make a difference, given the tools and information to do so. By tailoring pointed actions that everyone can do even with the busiest of schedules, The Power mobilizes large numbers of people to apply sustained pressure on leaders to advance the cause of LGBT equality.

More than anything we believe Now Is Our Time.  – Jeffrey Campagna


5 responses to “LGBT Rights Are Civil Rights – Join the Power!

  1. I am so glad you posted this! I hope everyone plays the video! If it is okay, we will add it to the bloggers helping bloggers post we run on Sunday nights.

  2. after signing the petition the browser takes you to a page that has a lot of suggestions on how to get the word out. maybe we need to write a post too. i will gladly post it on the bloggers post.

  3. Done… every bit helps. Can you sign mine to stop the mutilation and attack on Tanzanian albinos – seriously!


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