On NY Post Apology

Who Buys It Anyway? © Frank H. Jump

Who Buys It Anyway? © Frank H. Jump

The New York Post is a publication that I pick up on the subway (when I ride) and look through to see how the “other side” sees the issues. It’s also very handy if you are walking your dog and need something to pick up their droppings. Boycott the NY Post? Never bought it. Never will.


9 responses to “On NY Post Apology

  1. i have always subscribed to the ny post.i won’t be now.
    being a half white and half black man, i have never considered myself as race card puller.BUT this was just a blatant racial slur!

  2. Of the lowest kind. Hey Caveman, I see all races exhibit primate behaviour, everyday. Just look at the last eight years in the White House!

  3. lol wife is democrat I’m republican. guess i need to just hang my head on that one and agree! not real proud to say i voted for little bush both times. but hell i am just a caveman!

  4. Sad that I have to agree. Trish is a democrat and I have to hang my head everytime she reminds me hai I voted for little bush both times. But you know I see things a bit differently now, proving this ol’ caveman is evolving!

  5. I never liked the Post. Not starting now, either.

  6. I don’t think I would have shared that Lawman! lol

  7. Has caveman been hitting the sauce?

  8. At least you have a little chink of light at the end of the tunnel with BO.
    Imagine life looking at Gordon Brown’s jowls each morning!

  9. OKathleen:
    On Gordon Brown’s Nixonian jowls!

    With regard to BO- I am ambivalent. One side of me is ecstatic at the thought of truly ending the Civil War between the States. One the other side, I had my heart broken by Clinton and will never have the same trust with an American politician. BO has some serious expectations to fulfill for me as a queer in Amerika. Tired of waiting patiently for equality.

    As for the NY Post- if they went bankrupt tomorrow, there would be no void to fill.