Acorn Ranges & Stoves – Binghamton, NY

Over 1,000,000 In Use - No Flash

"Over 1,000,000 In Use" - No Flash

Over 1,000,000 In Use - Flash

"Over 1,000,000 In Use" - Flash

I like comparing the differences between flash and time exposure photography without flash. Twinkling starts in the first vs. twinkling lights in the second. Warm vs. cool.

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10 responses to “Acorn Ranges & Stoves – Binghamton, NY

  1. did you use your camera’s +/- exposure compensation feature in the pics above? or just the use of the flash change the look?

  2. just used the flash. for the first I bypassed flash and held the camera REALLY STILL.

  3. wife keeps what she calls her picture diary.she takes at least 2 pics everyday of something she saw and thought was pretty that day. she has kept that diary since she was 12 years old. her dad said he doesn’t know why she started it,but enjoys the pics just the same. i keep telling her if she gathered all the albums and took them somewhere someone would take a real interest in them.she writes a little explanation of each pic under it.the ones from when she was young are really cute. EVERY DAY she took these pics, and still does.

  4. Wow. OCD has early roots! I think it is so important for young people to document their time on Earth for posterity. I’m sure someone would be interested in her foto-diary. I wish I had done that on a regular basis.

  5. Maybe OCD. Actually, my mother inspired me to start the photo diary when I was 11. She bought me a polaroid for my birthday. My mother was a beautiful woman, inside and out. My pictures are not as lovely, or thought provocative as yours Frank! Mainly flowers, birds, and trees.
    I would not want to share them with anyone but family, but someday they will maybe inspire a child of my own to appreciate life, and the beauty and wonder of our great earth.

    I love visiting your blog! Each picture here is inspirational and each show a fresh look into the past, present, and even future.

  6. Thank you so much TTW. I am sure your diary will be cherished by your family. Maybe on our cross-country trip this summer we can wander through your neck of the woods and check it out.

  7. You’re visit would be most welcome!

  8. What are YOU still doing up?

  9. You have class tomorrow and you are asking me what I am doing up? lol

    I can’t sleep. Usually, I am in bed after the news.