Corridor of Spanish Moss – St. Augustine, FL

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

The moss is sometimes bought for use in arts and crafts, or for beddings for flower gardens.It was once used to stuff mattresses. The plant is commonly believed to be a habitat for chiggers, but only collects the mites after it has touched the ground. Spanish moss in its natural habitat, hanging from trees, does not harbor chiggers.

Spanish Moss – Wikipedia

You can dispel Edison myths (alas, the light bulbs burning in the estate are not Edison’s originals), hear funny stories (Henry Ford stuffed the seats of his first Model T imprudently with local Spanish moss, which prompted the first automotive recall when little chiggers started crawling out and biting drivers on the butts), or just learn a little about the quirks of these American legends (Edison hated paparazzi, so he disembarked from the train before the station and walked the rest of the way). – Florida Forum


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  1. Frank are you on holiday?!

    These colours are so vivid.

    Well, I bought my Mac and a camera, watch this space…. I have a fab mural to send you.

  2. Thanks for posting this picture. I have always thought that Spanish moss looks fantastic – bit spooky as well….like tattered shrouds!

  3. These are nice pictures, Frank. Makes me want to visit!

  4. OKath- this was the xmas holiday pics I’m still churning out.

    UR welcome Bruce!

    Thanks Gunnar.

    We are in the Poconos now planning our summer RV trip cross-country!

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