Bendix Home Laundry Revisited 1998-2005

Bendix Home Laundry  circa 1950s  Bedford & Myrtle Avenues, Brooklyn- taken September, 1998

Bendix Home Laundry circa 1950's - Bedford & Myrtle Avenues, Brooklyn - taken in September 1998 © Frank H. Jump

This is one of the many Bendix Home Laundry fading ads I’ve captured. A young family from Guyana was kind enough to let me climb out of their window onto an adjacent roof for this shot.

Ironically, and with much delight, the Fading Ad Gallery was located directly across the street from this billboard & painted sign @ 880 Bedford and 679 Myrtle. I wonder what are the GPS coordinates?

This also is one of the many MACK signs still intact throughout the city, including Griffon Shears & Thread Mills – also featured on this site.

PHOTO BY CHRIS GLANCY taken on February 17, 2005 for the March issue of SWINDLEMAGAZINE QUARTERLY.

PHOTO BY CHRIS GLANCY taken on February 17, 2005 for the Spring issue of SWINDLEMAGAZINE QUARTERLY.

Originally posted on Fading Ad Campaign website in 1999 and previously posted on June 6, 2008.  Original photo rescanned to full frame.


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