SuperSense – Why We Believe in the Unbelievable -Bruce M. Hood

SuperSense– Bruce M. Hood


5 responses to “SuperSense – Why We Believe in the Unbelievable -Bruce M. Hood

  1. Ah Shucks Frank… that was very kind of you.

  2. Your book looks fascinating. Best of luck. I too am fascinated by others’ beliefs in the supernatural. There is a show MEDIUM that I began to watch about a woman in Arizona who solves murder cases based on her supernatural abilities which has held my attention for a while, although the plot has grown thinner as the seasons go by.

    I said I posted your video without commentary, but here it is anyway:

    For years I called myself an atheist until I realised that others of the same ilk treated their non-belief as a belief. What is the point then? So agnostic, even though I previously viewed it as a cop-out term, is more descriptive of my “non-belief.”

    I can not prove or disprove the existence of a HP so I just let it be. If you believe in the existence of god, fine. So long as your belief doesn’t impinge on my rights as a human being.

    Ironically, as an avid reader of Scientific American (and thus- Michael Shermer) I’ve found myself “believing-in” unempirical theories. Parallel universes for example- which may be within millimeters away yet seem linearly trillions of light-years away- mathematically are more probable than not, but currently are not testable.

    So I too believe in the unbelievable!

  3. i am a bruce hood fan! i am and always will remain an atheist.

  4. I think it is high time that non-believers got a day off from work- a “non-believers un-holiday.”

    We can call it Stayahomadan, Passunder or Wester or What do you think it should be called?

  5. well frank,i think we should put that to vote in a new post! guess i will have to think on it a bit…

    of course my bad grammar won’t help, maybe i should have tothewire write it for me!hehehe
    or pay one of the paralegals on hand will be looking to brown nose a bit…hmm