Interboro Brewery Revisited – from Washington Avenue – Crown Heights, Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

February 5, 2009 © Frank H. Jump

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4 responses to “Interboro Brewery Revisited – from Washington Avenue – Crown Heights, Brooklyn

  1. Jonathan Castner

    I’m a home-brewer and a beer fanatic. I live a few blocks from the site. I’m amazed it’s still around! Great shot.

  2. I have a set of four clear glasses that are 3 1/2″ tall and 2 1/4″ in diameter. Bismarck Beer, a picture of a man with a mustache (Otto Von Bismarck?) and Interboro Brewing Company, Inc. Brooklyn, New York etched on the glass. Can you tell me anything about them? I believe the company went out of business in 1922 and am trying to determine the age and value of these glasses. Thanks!

  3. the interboro brewing company was bought by the george ehret family in the mid 1920s and operated till the early 1940s when they moved the company to union city new jersey where the plant closed in the early 1950s. very cool photos i hope to see this place when im in new york in dec 2009

  4. My grandfather William K. Bielenberg was the Chairman of the Board and President of Interboro Brewing Co.until it closed as a result of the Prohibtion Act passed in 1922.He saw to it that all the shareholders were paid a dollar on the dollar, using his own personal funds to accomplish it.