Blue Jay Way – Flatbush, Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Blue Jay – Wikipedia

Blue Jay Way – Beatles – Wikipedia

Please don’t be long,
please don’t belong


7 responses to “Blue Jay Way – Flatbush, Brooklyn

  1. That’s a little like

  2. Only George could play a paper keyboard in the middle of the street and look cool doing it.

  3. I love the jays, are they indigenous?
    In London we have flocks of parakeets that have escaped and bred, well, like parakeets…
    Oh, BTW I am blogrolling you.

  4. hey i see kat was here! when i was in london last year i did see a lot of birds that looked like parakeets (@ piccadilly square) and i wondered where the hell they came from.

    enjoyed the pics frank! i have a rather silly question obout the ones you have of “Photojournalist Matteo Brogi – Seventh Avenue Walldogs – Latest Marc Jacobs Ad” i would have posted the question under the posted pics but felt it might be made fun of…so here it goes:

    were those guys painting over the marc jacobs and barney’s new york? or was that the new ad?
    either way i enjoyed the pics.

  5. They were painting the sign that you see in the later shots. I have this wall several times on the blog. Marc Jacobs seems to have the exclusive on this wall. Brooklyn has Monk parrots too! Other Marc Jacobs & Barney’s signs. This sign was just across the street from this sign (Jefferson Theatre) and taken from the roof of the building with the Barney’s signs.

  6. great now tothewire has joined the brooklyn parrot society! lol pretty interesting enjoyed the site!even though my curiosity will now be a monthly expense…lol

    tothewire explained the ads to me last night…hey what can i say, i am after all just a caveman!

    thanks man!

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