ABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News’ Marcus Solis Goes Underground


Marcus Solis is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists - ICP Trip - © FHJ

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6 responses to “ABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News’ Marcus Solis Goes Underground

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  2. Marcus did the piece on the health scare at Iona College, right?

  3. Bernard White

    Dear Marcus,

    I understand that you may not get this but I felt compelled to respond to a disturbing statement that you made this Sunday, January 24, 2010 while being interviewed about your recent visit to Haiti. The statement sprang out like a dagger through the morning calm when I heard you say that the reason the Haitian’s made such a concerted effort to be clean was because of their “French influence.”

    My dear brother please take a closer look at history before you make statements like this. A journalist has a responsibility to give information that is accurate and unbiased. It seems that you have absorbed some of the racism that is rampant in New York’s media as it relates to people of African descent.

    There is nothing, of a factual nature, that should lead you to believe that the French taught the Haitians to be clean. Where does that information come from? Are you trying to impress anyone in particular with that piece of baseless misinformation. Don’t you know that it was the African who brought soap to Europe.

    People of African descent are not clean because of European influence.

    Be careful. You are a good reporter. Don’t be unduly influenced by the racists.

  4. Dear Bernard – I don’t think Marcus will get this, although I will forward this posting to the station. Not that I want to generalize, but the French have a reputation throughout Europe of having BO. I mean – didn’t they invent cologne to cover up their stank? Needless to say, I have met immaculate French and I’ve met some ripe ones too.

    I would imagine Haitian cleanliness comes from a “human” desire or instinct to groom oneself, especially in the tropics where you perspire. You are so right Bernard, there are so many assumptions that are made by those with a Eurocentric worldview about people of African descent. Sadly, the European influence on the African diaspora has had a mostly negative impact, especially with regard to spirituality and social mores. Look at what is going on in Uganda with gay people due to the “missionary” influences of America.

  5. joseph sbuttoni

    Hey Marcus, remember me? We attended I.C.S. Together. I’m glad to see that you have become so successful! I’m married with four kids and still reside in THE BRONX!!!!