brickbat on Papal Hypocrisy

The Pope Wears Prada -

Red Italian leather shoes – $640
Papal hypocrisy – Priceless

Pope Benedict said Monday that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. – brickbat


7 responses to “brickbat on Papal Hypocrisy

  1. Looks more like the wicked witch of the west to me.

  2. “Who killed my sister? Was it YOU?”
    “I thought you said she was dead?”

  3. Has he tapped his heels together three times?

  4. Although I never really liked Pope Rat, Catholic bashing has become a very popular sport and easy pickings. I would love for some constructive Jewish and Muslim bashing to become just as popular. You know, the way women are treated etc. Isn’t that fair game as well?

  5. Oh dear, I think you’ve entirely missed the point Vincenzo. This isn’t Catholic bashing, it’s humour, and as a very well brought up convent girl, bashing isn’t in my vocabulary, although I’m not really sure about your hat…

  6. Oh Vincenzo. Put a sock in it. Put a sock in it!
    A request to be quiet.

    This is a colloquial British phrase that originated in the early 20th century. It is generally used when someone is being so noisy as to annoy others. The imagery behind the phrases is that putting a sock in whatever was causing the noise would quieten it down. What that thing was isn’t known. There are suggestions that this may have been the horn of an early gramophone or, more straightforwardly, the raucous person’s mouth.

    The earliest example of it in print that I can find is a definition of the term in the weekly literary review The Athenaeum 1919: “The expression ‘Put a sock in it’, meaning ‘Leave off talking, singing or shouting’.” The fact that an erudite publication saw fit to define the term suggests it was recently coined in 1919.

  7. hmm I think I will use Put a sock in it
    and post it’s meaning to lawman on our site!