Portrait of Frank Jump taken by Joe Teti – ACT-UP 1988

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Joe Teti took a series of pictures of me on his roof a week before he died in his new apartment on Bank Street in Greenwich Village. The night he died, he said goodbye to me and apologized for not letting me stay longer. I said, “OK Joe, you have plans tonight. That’s cool.” He had tears in his eyes. As I was leaving a buddy of his was walking in. Apparently they shot up together and Joe died of an overdose. He had found out that week that his T-Cells were almost non-existent and his liver was failing. That year, I lost over 250 friends and acquintainces (ballpark figure). Joe Teti- I think of you often.

6 responses to “Portrait of Frank Jump taken by Joe Teti – ACT-UP 1988

  1. OMG you have beautiful eyes! Great picture. I am sorry about your friend and it breaks my heart.

    I see lawman2 found his way here again…he keeps leaving my computer on and I am wondering if he knows HOW TO SHUT IT DOWN…lol

  2. Thank you tothewire. So you and lawman2 work together? Are you paid correspondents or is this just for the love of blogging? LOL

  3. we work against each other most of the time…lol we are attorneys and when we aren’t practicing law we are bloggin’ for fun! might say we were child hood sweet hearts now we are just married old hearts.

    tothewire’s mom isn’t doing very well physically, and it is taking its toll on tothewire of late.

    we need spell check in these damn comment areas! my grammar never was the best to begin with, and now without a secretary on hand or spell check i feel so NAKED and exposed for the caveman i am! lol

    OFF subject here but tothewire supports rev ray dubuque and his many causes, have you ever heard of the guy?

  4. one more thing before i take my sleepy self to bed (typing with one eye open now…) I DO KNOW HOW TO SHUT DOWN a lap top…hehehe

  5. Best wishes to you (lawman2) and tothewire for these coming new year. Also the best to TTW’s mom. We are driving to Florida tomorrow morning from NYC. Where are you guys?

  6. Thank you. We are in Missouri here.

    We will be in NYC, I believe in Feb. maybe March!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! AND have a safe trip!

    Lawman knows who Rev Ray is.