Obama Tells Gay Community to Respect Choice of Warren at Inauguration


Hey Obama! How is this CHANGE? Remember Anita Bryant? She stirred up the fury and wrath of the LGBTQ Community which became the touchstone of the late 70’s movement. After Campaigning With Your ‘Ex-Gay’ McClurkin, this is the first post-election disappointment of which I was expecting.

Perhaps it’s time to take our anger to DC and rain on the Inauguration. Let’s move the Day Without a Gay Day to January 20, 2009!


10 responses to “Obama Tells Gay Community to Respect Choice of Warren at Inauguration

  1. I’d respectfully disagree with your thoughts on this…
    I am no fan of Rick Warren and don’t like the man.

    However how in the world are we to move our cause forward if we always shove those who disagree with us off to the side.

    If Obama doesn’t deliver on moving LGBT issues forward in concert with congress then I’ll get mad. However I really don’t give a crap who speaks at inauguration.
    We’ll forget it a week after anyways. Only a few inaugurals have been memorable, and only for what the President themselves said.

    Cool blog BTW.

  2. JoeJoe- I’m so used to being disappointed by liberal Democrats. I have no real hopeful expectations for Obama on gay issues. I understand your argument and intuitively, it seems like the inclusive thing to do, but it reeks of divisiveness. Besides, this country needs a HUGE national LBGTQ March on Washington anyway. It will be good for the economy. I’m looking for my pics of the first one in 1979. Was my mom’s first march with me.

    Great posting BTW!

  3. A demo in the middle of all that sounds daunting. I’m half tempted to go down in a White Sheet and say, WHY EXCLUDE THE VOICE of the KKK?? Don’t they have a PERSPECTIVE? Include everyone, gosh darnit! It’s only FAIR!

    And then Burn a Cross and sing Hallelujah, praise Jesus!

    I guess it’s OK to beat up the fucking faggots. Same as it ever was.

    What to do??

  4. Patrick Lehman

    What I’m realizing is, Obama is not as smart as I thought he was. He has expended considerable political capital three times so far over religious affiliations; McClurkin, Wright, and now Warren. What’s wrong with him? As an atheist, I think a prayer for the new president is ridiculous anyway, and only reminds me of the evangelical’s certainty that Bush (and Operation Iraqi Freedom) were divinely ordained. Who’s going to apologize for that divinely ordained catastrophe? Why confer any holiness on a president? Do we never learn? Apparently not.

  5. You’d think that with the election won he wouldn’t have felt any need to pander to right-wing hate mongerers. But not being religious myself, I really have to ask why we have ANY minister officiating at a ceremony of what is supposed to be a secular institution.

  6. i am amazed once again at the pandering to rhetoric of the right wing conservative christian base. and once again feel the need to say I live in a country that is slowly but inexorably being taken over by religious believers; worse, since religions by definition are totalitarian in nature, we all will lose precious freedoms that many died to protect.

  7. one more thing i feel the need to say…
    i have to admit i have often felt uncomfortable around tothewire’s many gay friends (male and female) not sure why as i find most of them to be good solid people. i wonder if they feel uncomfortable around me as well…if they do they never let on as if they do.

    i do feel the issue of gay marriage is an issue of separation of church and state and they should be granted that basic right.

  8. Most people can sense when someone is uneasy around them and also become uneasy. Dig a little beneath the surface to uncover the source of your discomfort. Is it the other people’s mannerisms or behavior? Is it caused by an inability to understand or accept? Are you secure in your own sexuality?

  9. maybe just my being a caveman gets in the way a bit of solid reasoning at times.

    i am secure in my own sexuality, just wish tothewire was more attracted to it! LOL

    BUT i do need to work past my discomfort, as it is a pretty foolish thing. god knows i can’t tolorate those right wing “christian” gay bashers. I really wouldn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable around me (except those right wing “christians”)
    anyway, i am rambling time for this caveman to go to bed…

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