Amsterdam Rondvaart – Cruising the Canals with Oma

Rondvaart with Oma circa 1964

Rondvaart with Oma circa 1964

Oma with the cigarettes that killed her.

Oma with the cigarettes that killed her.

Another Annual Summer Rondvaart circa 1966

Another Annual Summer Rondvaart with my mom Willy - circa 1965

The first pleasure cruise in the history of the Amsterdam canals took place in 1621 when Queen Elisabeth Stuart of Bohemia was welcomed into the city in a parade of festively decorated admiralty sloops, with thousands of Amsterdammers cheering on bridges and canal-sides. Treating visiting royals and other VIP’s to a cruise on our canals became a tradition that lives on till today. From Winston Churchill to the Beatles and Nelson Mandela, almost all our famous guests have made their acquaintance with the city from the deck of a canal cruise boat. Rondvaart – Canal Cruises


4 responses to “Amsterdam Rondvaart – Cruising the Canals with Oma

  1. Seems like fun. I’d like to travel to Amsterdam one day.

  2. Amsterdam holds such great memories for me. However, locals these days are quick to tell you how things have changed for the worse if you lend them an ear. Cultural intolerance on the part of the Muslim community who is not willing to assimilate. Even liberals are becoming anti-immigrant because of the rude and violent actions against gays and women.

  3. God i do remember the canal trip photo
    little kid black hair and my fly wide open

  4. OMG Richard! That was YOU in front of me in the queue?