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Is Gay The New Black? Lisa Miller on Gay Marriage – Newsweek



Our Mutual Joy

Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side.


Traditional Dutch Costumes of Volendam, NL – Great Grandparents & Myself

Jan de Witt & Caske de Jong © Frank H. Jump

Jan de Witt & Caske de Jong © Frank H. Jump

In Volendam © Frank H. Jump

Volendam in 1967 © Frank H. Jump

Above is a picture of my great-grandmother with her second husband in costumes of the Volendam region of North Holland. I’m guessing this was taken after the war (WWII) circa 1948. Below is myself in typical Volendamse klederdracht (translation) or traditional clothing. I found a great website that gives audio examples of all of the dialects spoken in the Netherlands. To my ear the differences are vast but to the unfamiliar ear, it may all sound like Dutch to you.

This posting is the first of a number of postings from the photos my mom dragged out of her closet. Out of the closet and into the scanner!