Odetta Dies @ 77 – Another Voice of Freedom Silenced


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Odetta - tothewire

Around seven years ago, I waiting in a queue at Zabars (a famous NY Delicatessen retailer) and standing behind me with a quarter of a pound of Nova Scotia lox and some bagels, was Odetta. Well I couldn’t believe my eyes since she was dressed as she was in a recent coffee-table book of Fran Lebovitz pix or someone like her- a gorgeous silver and stone pendant dangling between her breasts. Odetta! I exclaimed. She seemed utterly surprised that anyone would recognize her. She then flattered me by saying I looked too young to know who she was. When I told her I was over 40, she said “OK maybe you are old enough.” I let her get ahead of me at the register and no one blinked an eye.


4 responses to “Odetta Dies @ 77 – Another Voice of Freedom Silenced

  1. I like this post. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Odetta was a real NYer right down to the bagels and lox.

  3. Nice tribute to Odetta on ‘Prairie Home Companion’ this weekend. Thanks for this post and thanks for your photography- it’s a real service for those of us missing the city.
    (Alpha I. sent me)

  4. Steven- will look for the podcast. Send me a link if you have one and I’ll include it in this posting. Call me when you come into town and we’ll have coffee and do photo safari.