The Amersfoort, Netherlands & Amersfort, Brooklyn Partnership

In 2009 – The 400 Year Anniversary Henry Hudson Set Sail from Amsterdam & the 750th Anniversary of Amersfoort, NL

Representatives from Amersfoort Netherlands contacted the Amersfort School of Social Awareness earlier this year to ask if we were interested in collaborating on a cultural exchange with the schools in the Amersfoort District in the Netherlands. Since our school had just become a Magnet School for Global & Ethical Studies and our $100,000 technology grant just came through, we were thrilled. We have met with the ANYtime-US-NL committee and have plans for our schools to collaborate on blog projects over this academic year culminating in a Cultural Fair in June 2009 to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the founding of Amersfoort, NL and the quadricentennial of Henry Hudson’s voyage to the New World from Amsterdam.

Jenny, Frank, Koen & Sabine @ PS 119 Amersfort School Library, Brooklyn

Jenny, Frank, Koen & Sabine @ PS 119 Amersfort School Library, Brooklyn

ANYtime Flicker Photostream

Koen & Sabine with Any - ANYtime Flicker Photostream

Last week, Koen Steenbergen & Sabine van Erkel came to visit our school and kicked off a cookie contest that was happening concurrently in the Netherlands. We talked about our historical connection with the Netherlands here in New York and Brooklyn and our future connection with “the two Amersforts.” With community support and careful planning, we could see a carnival-style celebration of the Hudson & Amersfoort Anniversaries right here in Avenue J’s Amersfort Park. (download PDF of ANYtime’s plans)

Flatlands Amersfoort - André Postma

Flatlands Amersfoort - André Postma

Yet again, the Internet has brought us a little closer in this every-shrinking world. A Google search turned up our school and the Amersfoort group contacted us through my Board of Ed e-mail account. To the Amerfoort group’s surprise, I speak Dutch (and lived in Amsterdam as a child) and my colleague Jenny Hobson, has a Dutch connection through her boyfriend. Jenny went to Amersfoort earlier in the year to visit their school and brought back letters and drawings that were bound into a picture book made by their students.

ANYtime Flicker Photostream

ANYtime Flicker Photostream

Sabine, Danya, Jenny, Barbara & Koen - © Frank H. Jump

Sabine, Danya, Jenny, Barbara & Koen @ Havana Outpost - Ft. Greene - © Frank H. Jump

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  1. As the owner of, a new multi-media site covering the 17th-century Dutch American colonies and their impact today, I would appreciate letting me provide updates on this story. The time is ripe for this subject, considering the big 400th anniversary next year. My commitment for this site will go beyond that.

  2. Rick- Checked out your site. Quite extensive and informative. Will link it to our school blog and will keep you posted on developments with the project. I think they are looking for backers and people to volunteer with making it happen. I can put you in touch with them but you can also write to them through their site. Will also link your site with this site.


  3. Hi Frank,

    Any’s webmaster speaking; I saw the incoming link; thanks for that 🙂

    We’ve just updated the ANYtime website, and although far from finished, I am ready to open a blog account for you there too; I’ll drop you a mail!


  4. Zeer goed! Ik heb ‘m gekeken. Looks slick.