Gov. Sarah Palin @ 2007 International Fur & Ice Reception

Alaskas 2008 Fur & Ice Convention

Alaska's 2007 Fur & Ice Convention

Palin’s ONLY foreign diplomatic experience.

Sarah Palin & Animals

Music by Harold Budd & Brian Eno First Light from Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror (1980) – Wikipedia

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4 responses to “Gov. Sarah Palin @ 2007 International Fur & Ice Reception

  1. Hi Frank,
    Love your Palin posts. You might find this amusing, comparing Sarah to Blazing Saddles:
    Cheers, Gunnar

  2. Cool Gunnar! I’ll check it out.

  3. Gunnar- That is hysterical. And here I thought you were going to compare Palin to Lily von Schtupp.

  4. I love how she chastised her own supporters yesterday for not supporting veterans when all they were asking her to do was speak up! If she wasn’t so frightening, she’d be hilarious.