Country First? President Palin? More Like Country Cursed – McPale – Pain

Read the Huffington Post on Palin’s lack of experience to become Commander in Chief in the event of McCain’s death.

A Letter from Anne Kilkenny – A resident of Wasilla, Alaska


5 responses to “Country First? President Palin? More Like Country Cursed – McPale – Pain

  1. I’m an artist very interested in old urban landscapes, found your blog interesting. But today I was very sorry to see you have started posting political opinions. Why spoil a visit to your website because 2 retards are fighting with each other to be president? Must politics invade everything these days, even a website about the great old signs from another era? That’s just too much. Erasing my bookmark to your website now. Goodbye.

  2. Sorry you feel I’m not allowed to express my First Amendment rights Dave. Two retards? No, I wouldn’t called them that. This is a very important election. The thought of having a Pentecostal born-again Vice President scares the pants off of me. I have an interest in old signs AND I have an interest in my future as a Gay American. If that is too much of a conflict of interest for you, I’m sorry.

  3. PS: Dave, if you really have been reading my blog, you would have noticed that this isn’t my first political posting and will not be my last. I certainly wouldn’t want to lose a reader (an artist) because I have an opinion. That would be holding me to an unfair standard. We are all Americans. We are all humans. And I tell my students, “Opinions are like noses….we all have one.”

  4. Are we really still using the “R word” to put people down?

  5. Lydia- I’m assuming Dave is very young.