Young & Schmuck – Eighth Avenue & West 47th Street – August 2000

Young & Schmuck
Young & Schmuck
© Frank H. Jump

Fading Ad Campaign

4 responses to “Young & Schmuck – Eighth Avenue & West 47th Street – August 2000

  1. Loving this one Frank, probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. How does anyone in the booze business get away with the name Schmuck?

  2. Thanks Sam. One of my favs as well. Like the three pigeons that look like doves in the sun’s reflection. These two have been reproduced in Cibachrome and hang on my wall.

  3. kevin cassidy

    Hi Frank. I was the guy on west 49th street who contacted you about the Young and Schmuck sign during the tenement demolitions. Your pics are great! Though the year was August of 2000, not 1997 as captioned. Good to see your site!

    • Hey Kevin- Thanks for stopping by. I updated the caption. You are so right. The NY Times article came out around then as well. Unfortunately the years are starting to blur together. Thanks again for all of your support. Best, Frank