Frank H. Jump @ 18 – Zandvoort, Nederland – August 1978

Frank H. Jump - Zandvoort, NL
© Frank H. Jump

2 responses to “Frank H. Jump @ 18 – Zandvoort, Nederland – August 1978

  1. Hi Frank, Funny you should mention Zandvoort. My father and his wife live in Heemstede, which is very near there. Did you spend much time there? Gunnar

  2. Almost my entire early childhood was spent in Amsterdam and most of my summers as a young adolescent. Toward my teens it was a place to hang by myself and do day trips and weekends around West Europe. My dad worked for PanAm so it was very accessible. My mother never spoke Dutch with me at home but I managed to hold on to most of what I learned as a child and in college.