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Brickbat on Anti-Gay Memphis Educator Likened To Anita Bryant


Memphis defends her violation of: students’ constitutional rights to equal protection, freedom of expression and association, due process and privacy.- Brickbat as reprinted from Towleroad

Hence the downlow!

Other examples of bigoted educators in the public sector.

Bigoted Music Teacher

Catraini- I tolerate religious hypocrisy all the time. PS: You are not my friend. Peace right back at you.

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A Salt & Battery – Greenwich Avenue – West Village, NYC

Salt & Battery - Greenwich Avenue
© Frank H. Jump

A Salt & Battery

Bonded Warehouse – Leroy & Greenwich Streets – West Village, NYC

Bonded Warehouse - Leroy Street


Bonded Warehouse - Leroy Street
© Frank H. Jump

Miss Heather on Broadway (Williamsburg) – McElraevy – Tinsmith – Pipe Cut To Sketch

Miss Heather - Broadway
© Miss Heather