A Series of Vertically Oriented Cylindrical Objects – Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Campbell's Soup Can
Vintage Schaefer Can
Rubin's Delicatessen
Sorb-it Can
Earth Day Campbell's Soup Can
© Frank H. Jump

Happy Earth Day!

Vincenzo (my partner in life and love) has the tendency to uncover interesting ephemera while doing demolition on the apartments he renovates. Here are two bits dating back to the early 1960’s- Rubin’s Delicatessen with the GRamercy-3 telephone exchange (Gramercy Park got its name from a corruption of the Dutch “krom mesje” or crooked little knife) and the Schaefer Beer Can, which brings back fond memories of the 1969 World Series and my father watching television. I remember watching the men landing on the Moon and wondering how they had already gotten there to set up cameras.

My first Earth Day – which was THE FIRST EARTH DAY – was in April 1970. I had done a report in fifth grade about the Food of the Future: Soy. I predicted that soy burgers would one day become popular with the American public. I also predicted that the United States would be slow to convert to metric – which was supposed to occur that year. If only my prescience could have extended to future Lotto Numbers…

Read more about Campbell’s Soup’s attempt to be green.

Chicago Tribune

“For here am I floating ’round my tin-can
Far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do”

David Bowie – Space Oddity


4 responses to “A Series of Vertically Oriented Cylindrical Objects – Happy Earth Day!

  1. Hey Frank!
    I can’t believe that I had the identical reminiscence as you did when I saw that Schaefer can; A flood of them about my dad, the ’69 series and the following lyrics:

    …the most rewarding flavor in this man’s world,
    for people who are having fun.
    Schafer is the one beer to have,
    when you’re having more than one.

    Now, I’ll give you ten bucks if you can give sing all the lyrics to “Meet the Mets.” No googlin’!)
    Oh yeah, and thanks for the plug!
    The Pigeon

  2. I can’t sing them all. But the Schaefer song lyrics were running through my brain too and I didn’t post them. Went for the Bowie lyrics instead. Do you remember the theme to the Benson and Hedges commercials – a song called “The Disadvantages of You” by the Brass Ring. Very camp and nostalgiac. You are going to the Blogade I’m assuming. It will be my first. Seems like a great opportunity to meet some of my collaborators and schmooze with other Brooklyn Bloggers. We are a formidable crew. Got some great shots of birds today. Woodpeckers!

    Stay well and looking forward to meeting you soon.


  3. Actually Frank, I think we’re both off here. In ’69 it would have been Rheingold. Schaefer accompanied the pennant clinch in ’73. Alright, memory loss is typical in old people.

  4. My dad drank all kinds of cheap-ass beer. Schlitz, Schmidt’s, Rheingold, Miller. I hated beer. My mom is from Amsterdam and the beer on tap over there was always good. But I never had much of a taste for beer until I was 30. Then I discovered Belgian beers and the US finally started producing better beers. Samuel Adams is good for a standard American bottled beer. I remember when they first came out, I said “finally a beer with taste.”