September, 2001 – Cypress Hills/East NY – Fulton Street & Atlantic Avenue

Diner on Fulton Past WM Evans Dairy

Fulton Diner

Fulton Street Piragua

Piragua - Cypress Hills

Diana Coal Oil – Atlantic Avenue

Diana Coal Oil

Benson Burgers

Benson Burgers - Atlantic Avenue

FTD & Benisch Bros Monuments

FTD- Cypress Hills
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10 responses to “September, 2001 – Cypress Hills/East NY – Fulton Street & Atlantic Avenue

  1. benson burgers – kind of reminds me of bunsen burners! 🙂 I wonder whatever happened to the burger joint, how long ago it’s been gone, etc.

  2. I remember Bensons Burgers from the 1960s. My dad used to take be there before there were any McDonalds. I believe there were two locations although there may have been just one. By the early 70s, they were gone.

  3. We used to have Sunday dinner at the Fulton Diner after Mass at St. Sylvesters.
    It was moms day not to have to cook.
    Us kids would play hide and seek and “guns” in and amongst all of the stone slabs at the Benisch Bros. stone yard.
    It was located on Jamaica Ave about a block before the “El” turned on to Crescent St.
    Near Cypress pool.

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  5. Benson Burgers was the first real modern burger joint we had in Brooklyn and Queens. White Castle and White Towers were old school in the sixties. The Hobie was imitated by Burger Kings Whopper. Like Gino’s in Atlantic City, they also served Fried Chicken.

    • My Dad used to take me there in the mid to late 60s. I remember there being more signs around town for it as well. I have another somewhere…

  6. My Dad and Grandfather and Uncle owned Benson Burgers. Had lots of fun going there with friends and family. My dad is no longer here but I bet he would have loved to see this.
    Not only did they have great hamburgers but they had great chicken too.
    Home of the Hobie was there saying.
    Thanks for the smile

    • Ami- Glad to meet a Benson Burgers kin! My Dad used to take me as a kid before there were McDonalds. Ooops. I’ve just dated myself. There’s another sign I took a picture of that is in my slide archive. I need to buy a slide scanner and finally get all of the archive digitized. It will take me a few years but then it will be more accessible. When I find it, I will let you know. Take care, thanks for stopping by and come back again! Frank

    • Orlando Woods

      Ami I lived around the corner from the Benson Burgers on Rockaway and Eastern Pkwy. The hamburgers were the best and the fried shrimp were second to none. Your kin people had the best food in Brooklyn.

      • I agree Orlando! I remember the food being REALLY dee-lish as a child. Better than the fast food these days that’s for sure.