Benjamin H. Tyrrel, Printers Since 1867 – Lower Manhattan

Benjamin H. Tyrell, Printer
© Frank H. Jump

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Union Blue & Militia Gray: The Role of NY State Militia in the Civil War – Glossary – Regimental Histories


7 responses to “Benjamin H. Tyrrel, Printers Since 1867 – Lower Manhattan

  1. It’s spelled Tyrrel. Company was commonly known as Benj. H. Tyrrel or BHT for short. Building was owned by the 110 Greenwich Street Corp. and commonly refered to as The Tyrrel Building.
    At one time it was the oldest financial printing company in NYC.

  2. Cool! Thanks Tyrrel! Stop by again. Have a happy and healthy new year. Frank

  3. Hi this jiya khan, thanks for the information and nice blog too do keep posting.

  4. Just wondering who J. Tyrrel is. I’ve always been J. Tyrrel. Benjamin Harvey was my g
    grand father.

  5. Michael Tyrrel Byrne

    Hello all, BHT was my families company. Seeing the Pic gives me tons of hope, I have opened a new printing company and know that we created and a wonderful company once so we can do it again. Most of my family see it an feels a tremendous amount of emptiness. None the less love the picture and it create a ton of conversation within my family. J Tyrrel is that Aunt J??

    Thanks again,

  6. Margaret Cama-Nicoletti

    My father Michael Cama worked with the company for many years. He loved printing very much. After he retired from it in 1992, he past away in 1996. His love for printing was so deep and wide, I miss him so much and his stories about the company. Thanks