AO Smith – Harvestore Silo – Ross Corner Junction – Routes 15 N – 206 N – Sussex County, NJ

AO Smith Harvestore Silo - Sussex County NJ

AO Smith
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33 responses to “AO Smith – Harvestore Silo – Ross Corner Junction – Routes 15 N – 206 N – Sussex County, NJ

  1. curtis deppe

    I am interested in dimanteling old abandoned harvestore silos and scraping them out is there any value to the steel or has it been altered to where it canted be recylced. any thoughts thanks Curt Deppe

  2. Paul Hagenow

    Did anyone answer you? I have two Harvestore silos built in 1972 that can be taken down. Are you interested?

  3. This site is mainly photo-documentary. Chris and Paul, if you can find anyone to assist you through this site, you are more than welcome. Best of luck.


  4. paul hagenow my name is jason york im interested in your silos call me let me know were and if you still have them 207-649-1257 thank you

  5. Hi,

    My father used to be the New England/NY Harvestore erector back in the 60’s. I went to work for him in 1962 at the age of 11 and worked for him every weekend, holiday and summer vacation until I was 16. I probably built 400 of those units. Fond memories.

  6. I recently attended the annual convention of the International Silo Association in Madison, WI. There I met some fellows from the Blue Tower Silo company, which I think is located in or near southern Indiana. They may be able to help answer some of the questions I see on this blog. Their phone number is 765-489-1336
    Good luck!

  7. I have a 20 x 80 forage and 20x 40 grain sturcture. Would love to sell.

    Lawrence, Kansas

  8. Dave ,Rochester NY

    Harvestore silo for sale. Located in PA. If interested email me at

  9. Harvestore silo for sale. Located in WV. If interested email me at

  10. Four Harvestores for sale. Located in NE.If interested email me at

  11. I have been demolishing silos for the past 5 years in Indiana and the surrounding 4 states. The metal has some value but it is very difficult to dismantle. We have perfected the process as we have taken over 500 of them down. We are insured to $1 million. My advise is to not let just anyone take them down. You could lose the farm over it. If you have further interest feel free to call me at 765-789-8929.

    • I have a 40 foot harvestore in Wisconsin I am looking to have taken down. Please let me know if this in your range.

    • My father has retired from the dairy business due to health reasons. He has an harvestore silo sitting there, not used for years. Would love to get rid of it. He is in Belleville, KS.
      Would you go there?

  12. Is there any financial gain for removing silos (Harvestors) other than no more insurance or taxes? In other words, what is the cost of removal, or dollar gain of their removal?

  13. My father-in-law has 80 ft and 60 Harvestor silos plus a 27 ft wide/50 ft tall Butler silo for sale. Dismantling/removal. $10,000 for all three.

    308 293 7299

  14. Correction: My father-in-law has 3 harvestors (80 ft, 60 ft, 50 ft) and one Butler silo (27 x 50).
    Only the three harvestors go for $10,000 – you dismantle, etc. The Butler is negotiable. Located in central Nebraska. 308 293 7299

  15. pedro ferriz

    I was close friendo to Roger Smith, at Fleming College in Switzerland… And would love to get in youch with the guy. In case you get in touch with him, let me know

  16. I have a concrete silo I would like to sell and have taken down. It is 68′ tall. If any one is interested please contact me. It is New York, small town of Newark Valley.

  17. I have 2 harvestores that I would like to convert to a dry grain storage. Does anyone know how or who can do this?

    Thank you,

    • Eliot Ellefson

      To Jason Dauster, we have been storing dry corn and soybeans in 9 harvestores since the late 1960’s. Works great, except for a couple older ones leak at some seams so only temporary storage. If u have questions give me a call at 507-841-0756

  18. I have a harvestore for sale in Crawfordsville In. If interested email me

  19. I woked for Harvestore and built and serviced 200 units or so. Started diggin footers to servicing the air bags in the top. Dug out a lot of Hercules, Goliaths, cut a lot of sweep arms in the cavaity with out the mask. Just use the oxygen from torch when I needed.

  20. Am interested if anyone could give me approximate costs in dismantling a concrete stay silo, and moving to and erecting it at another location. Is there some formula based on height of the silo or other factors??

  21. Kelly Downing

    I have 2 AO Smith Slurrystore systems a manure & grain silo, trying to find someone to take down and remove from property if interested in buying call Kelly @ 352-693-6334

  22. I am looking for a used Harvestore 25×80 foot to store high moisture corn in. 26-28% Who takes down these structures and erects them as well?? Looking for advice and direction…

  23. I have several Harvestore Silo’s of all sizes. My Co. takes down and put up silos tanks all over the US. If I can help you please let me know.
    (405)306-4665 or (405)650-6146

  24. David Schomburg

    I am looking into buying an old farm stead with three Harvestores on the property. One 20 x 40 and two 20 x 60. What would they be worth if someone came to remove them?

  25. Larry Anderson

    I have a 30-40 ft 1981 Harvestore silo I would like to sell. East Central Minnesota.
    Also a concrete stave around 40-50 ft.

  26. Jamie Anderson

    I am interested in a 20 x 60 silo, but don’t want to have to move it very far. I’m in West Texas – close to Abilene.

  27. does anyone know how to test a harvestore to see if the seams are airtight?
    Lee Otto, 715-412-1277