Mini Star Tulip – Flatbush, Brooklyn

Star Tulip
© Frank H. Jump

3 responses to “Mini Star Tulip – Flatbush, Brooklyn

  1. Beauty in the midst of Flatbush. I’m convinced that you can find and snap a photo of beauty at ANY location. Keep looking.

  2. Dear Paul-

    Thank you! You are too kind. How is the weather down in Sorrento? Love the Little Red Corvettes!


  3. Nice shot of the tulip.
    In the interest of accurate nomenclature, might I add that I believe the tulip flower in the photo is more likely Tulipa tarda – a ‘species’ tulip.
    There exists a cultivar with the proper name of T. ‘Mini Star’ – a Triumph group tulip. It is reported to be yellow and about 40-50 cm. in height.
    Tulip variety names are most generally written in italics with the letter T. ( for the Latin “Tulipa”) followed by the name of the cultivar, which is enclosed with the single quotation marks – whatever those are really called.

    There is a lot of Dutch still in New York.
    Thanks for the photo of the Mini Star Tulip.
    I was looking for T. ‘Mini Star’ when it popped up on my Google search.
    I recall visiting a garden with tulips late at night on a street corner in Bedford-Stuyvesant in late winter 2001 adjacent to a very jumping bar. Very surreal experience, but completely harmonious at the same time.